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Manage insurance claims with ease

Simplify workflows, meet customer needs, and improve retention with automated claims processing.

Improve customer retention

If you're still using paper to manage claims, customers will become frustrated and choose another provider. Strengthen your process by going digital and streamlining your claims automation process. You'll become more efficient, improve the customer experience, and retain more business.

Create seamless claims workflows

Formstack makes insurance claims automation easy so your team can handle requests more quickly and save time.
Simplify the submission of claims
Simplify the submission of claims

Create forms in minutes and embed them on your website so customers can fill out claims no matter where they're located. Streamline your claim management process with Formstack's drag-and-drop builder where you can create forms in minutes. Create a personalized experience for customers that's easy for your agents to manage. Learn more about automated claims processing using Formstack for Salesforce.

Share and collaborate on data
Share and collaborate on data

Create an automated claims processing workflow that lets multiple team members review and collaborate on incoming submissions. Add file upload fields to your forms so customers can share photos, videos, documentation, and other attachments for their claim. Track submissions in an easily accessible form hub that includes all the release forms a customer needs to file a claim.

Quickly create custom documents
Quickly create custom documents

Use the data you collect to generate claims reports and other documents automatically. Populate customer data into multiple documents at once, and use logic rules to determine where and when files are sent. With no paper or manual data entry to weigh you down, your team will be able to decrease errors and reduce processing times. With conditional fields and sections, you can create different document versions depending on the type of claim being filed, whether it's auto, homeowner, or otherwise.

Simplify the submission of claims
Safely collect digital signatures

Let customers, adjusters, and others sign claim documents from the convenience of their computer, mobile phone, or tablet. With Formstack Sign, you can create a multi-participant signature process that lets you send documents for review via text or email. The best part? Formstack Sign works seamlessly with multiple agency management systems. Safely send signed documents to Applied, Vertafore, QQSolutions, Jenesis, Xanatek, and more.


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